Gold has been money for millenia, whereas all the other currencies have historically disappeared.


Owning Gold, Silver and Bitcoins has been one of the best ways to grow your savings and protect them against inflation and counterparty risks. We offer several solutions for doing this:

Tailored Investing

Tailor made investment solutions with full privacy

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver with Bitcoins

Blockchain Projects

Our current & future projects.


Quantified Assets' clients have access to world's leading physical bullion exchanges in Auckland, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore and Zurich.

With us, you can directly buy, sell, store, trade and take delivery of the highest quality physical gold, silver and platinum bullion bars and coins.

  • Personal service with full privacy and secure communication
  • Physical precious metals trading and saving using cryptocurrencies
  • Set-up of investment company, and vault accounts
  • Online trading platforms for managing your investments
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Some reasons to invest together with us

  • Singapore as a very stable and safe country, with strict privacy laws
  • Option to use private and encrypted communication channels
  • No GST (VAT) on investment grade bullion products
  • Direct access to the world's leading physical precious metals wholesale markets
  • User-friendly trading platforms
  • Option to move your money or trade bitcoins
  • Allocated and insured storage of bullion with vetted high-class vaults
  • Several storage locations globally
  • Withdraw and delivery of the bullion, or transfer between vaults

COINCIRCLES is similar to an offshore savings account, but with us you hold physical gold and silver instead of paper money, and you can deposit or withdraw in bitcoins directly to your own bitcoin wallet, even if there's no access to traditional bank accounts.

Current Projects

Some of our platforms in Singapore

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Bitcoin brokerage
We are one of the first bitcoin brokerages in Singapore, operating since 2014.

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Bitcoin bill payment platform
We are the only bitcoin bill payment platform in Singapore. You can even pay your taxes with bitcoin with us.

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Bitcoin ATMs
We have tested various cash-to-bitcoin solutions and machines, and started operating a bitcoin ATM as the second company in Singapore.

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Payment Processing
Turn-key solution for online merchants who prefer to accept bitcoins, without taking the risk associated. Fully integrated to our clients e-commerce sites.

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Bitcoin Gold
We operate the only pure play bitcoin foucused online dealer of physical gold and silver. Our storages are in Singapore.

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Tor Gold(6axcig5jgptnkaj2.onion)
Physical gold and silver dealer for privacy counscious clients, operated on the anonymous and encrypted tor network. You need to use the tor bundle to access the site.

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Turn-key bitcoin exchange
We have tested and selected a robust platform for kick-starting a fully functional bitcoin exchange, on any market. We also provide a playbook for the local launch.

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Blockchain Solutions
Proof-of-Action, Existence, Ownership, Work etc. using various Blockchain technologies. We consult on how to use blockchain technology for various public ledger applications.

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Bitcoin Point-of-Sale solution
Turn-key solution for shops, hotels, restaurants, gasoline stations and other merchants who don't want to handle bitcoins, but like to offer bitcoins as a payment option.

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Quantified Assets Pte. Ltd.

Quantified Assets Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based private investment company offering tailored education and services for saving and trading in physical precious metals and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Our team is experienced in financial technology and cybersecurity, and has degrees and certifications in Business Administration, Computer Science, Islamic Finance and Gold Trading.

Founder and CEO

Mr. Ville Alexander Oehman is MBA, M.Sc. (Technology Management) and Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFEā„¢). He is also certified by Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange Commodities Professional Program for gold and commodities trading with A+.

Ville has over 10 years of investment history in alternative assets, including gold and silver, cryptocurrencies, and technology startups. Ville is an investor in several FinTech, cybersecurity and cryptocurrency companies in Europe and Asia.


Mr. Dias Lonappan has a Master's Degree (Computer Science) from NUS and is a Certified Database Professional.

Dias has over 8 years of Information Technology experience, in fields such as Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Data Architecture.